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Waste at most airports emanates from a number of sources: retail packaging waste; the aircraft; terminal catering; cargo handling; the terminal and office cleaning. For an airport management or environmental team, the challenge is to convince airport staff to reduce the waste produced by collaborating with service partners to review their purchasing policies and motivate staff to reuse and recycle materials wherever possible. Some airport management teams also liaise with airlines, retailers and airport tenants to segregate waste as close to the generation point as possible. Recycling is fundamental to sustainable development, which is an essential step towards improving the environmental performance of airports. Besides the economic and legislative reasons for implementing good waste and recycling policies, the predominant decision should be based on the fact that it’s the right thing to do.

At Phoenix Compactors, we understand the importance of efficient waste management to your airport’s drive to sustainability. Our static compactors are used in compacting mixed waste from airports to improve business efficiency. We can also use balers to compact and separate cardboard, paper and plastic waste. The use of balers is instrumental in reducing bulk and aiding your recycling programmes. Overall, our aim is to help you manage your airport waste in the most cost-efficient and environmentally-friendly manner.

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