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Are marathons like that of London a waste concern for the environment?

In terms of the environment, large marathon events are very greedy. Not only do you have the carbon footprint involved …

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The environmental impacts of the tourism industry

According to academics, the tourism and hospitality industry “is now considered one of the most dynamic economic activities worldwide”. However, …

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Some key challenges of food waste within the hospitality sector

Hotels and restaurants tend to look on food waste as a necessary evil. In the ‘80s, nouvelle cuisine – “A …

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Waste generation concerns during the Christmas season

This year, it’s expected that in the UK we’ll spend more than £77 billion this Christmas – almost double the …

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Summary of waste management approaches of the top airports in the UK

There’s no getting away from it, aviation produces a huge amount of waste – thousands of tonnes every year in …

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The biggest causes of waste in shopping centres

Although there are no figures about how much waste is produced by shopping centres in the UK, there’s no doubt …

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Why companies should consider waste management a priority

The environmental impact of the amount of waste we produce has long been understood, and most people have embraced recycling. …

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Waste concerns after Notting Hill Carnival

Every August Bank Holiday, one of the trendiest parts of London comes to a standstill in honour of Carnival weekend. …

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Is too much packaging by supermarkets a waste concern?

Supermarket packaging is the bane of the environmental groups, but continued publicity about too much packaging by supermarkets being a …

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The best ways to manage waste at airports

Dealing with the waste created by airports is a massive operation. Waste is generated from a huge range of sources …

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