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Category: Recycling

What’s the difference between a compactor and a baler?

As compactors and balers are both designed to reduce the volume of waste, if you are new to this area, …

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Plastic-free waste

This year, Twitter marked the 1st of August as #EarthOvershootDay, which essentially marks the point at which humans consumed more …

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Benefits of recycling

In commercial terms there is one overriding reason why businesses need to recycle. The Government requires every company in England …

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Latte Levy

Last month, the Government rejected calls to introduce what’s being called a ‘Latte levy’, a 25p tax on disposable coffee …

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Interesting facts on print waste

According to the BPiF, the UK is the world’s fifth largest producer of printed products. In 2016, the industry contributed …

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Top ten tips on recycling cardboard waste

Cardboard has become so valuable these days, it’s even becoming an increasingly popular target for thieves!

In terms of recycling, there …

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Recycle Your Christmas Cards Responsibly

The greeting card industry in the UK is huge and when you compare the British to other cultures around the …

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How to turn your Hotel into a green Hotel

Making your Hotel more sustainable is good business. Many customers are attracted to eco-friendly hotels and many of the practices …

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Motivating your employees to recycle

No matter what size your business, big or small, you should be encouraging your employees to recycle. Recycling should be …

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Where does my recycled food waste end up?

As the recycling lorry trundles off into the distance laden down with you and your neighbours’ food waste do you …

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English shoppers encouraged to recycle bags

We are now a couple of weeks into the latest legislation to encourage us all to up our game in …

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Recycling Facts: 10 facts about recycling you should know

The concept of recycling is gaining more relevance as the day goes by. This is becoming evident with issues of …

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Recycling Is Great, But Upcycling Is Even Greener!

There has never been a greater need to find sustainable alternatives for dealing with waste in whatever form it comes …

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How Much Do You Know About… Steel?

The two most common types of metal that are recycled are aluminium and steel, both of which are very easy …

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