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COMMERCIAL BALERS – Good For Business & The Environment

Every responsible company strives to be greener, by making a concerted effort to recycle, reduce waste and minimise their carbon emissions. For many companies, a commercial baler is a piece of equipment that already plays a key role in their waste management strategy.


A baler is a powerful hydraulic machine which is designed to compress a variety of different dry, recyclable materials including paper, cardboard, plastic and aluminium.

Vertical balers are ideal for smaller businesses that produce less waste; they only require one person to operate them. Some balers are so small that they fit comfortably in any office environment.

Horizontal balers are larger and capable of processing much larger quantities of waste. They take up more space but operate automatically, making them incredibly efficient.


Recyclable plastic and aluminium have greater air content than paper or cardboard so in terms of compaction these materials benefit the most.  Once the materials are crushed and compact their volume is significantly reduced.

Cardboard has less air content than the majority of plastic and aluminium, particularly containers, but nonetheless, it is another bulky material that can take up a huge amount of space when loose compared to when it is baled.


Balers pack all of your recyclable materials into uniform sized, compact bales. Once shrink wrapped the bales are incredibly easy to stack and store, helping businesses to maintain a safe, clutter-less environment, free of hazards.

As well as being smaller and more convenient to store, bales are also very easy to handle and transport.


Having installed a baler, some businesses will begin to see a financial benefit after a matter of just months, depending on the quantity of baled waste material produced. Rather than paying to dispose of waste, baled materials can often be sold to recycling centres enabling you to generate a small return.

The value of the material and baled waste usually has a greater value than the same loose materials and depending on your location you may well be able to identify a company willing to collect your waste and pay you for it!


  • A convenient and cost-effective way to process commercial waste.
  • Reduce outgoing costs by reducing cost of waste disposal.
  • Possibility of generating an additional stream of income by selling baled waste.
  • Green businesses convey a positive perception to clients and suppliers.
  • The impact on the environment is reduced as more waste is recycled and less is sent to landfill.


There are a variety of different sized balers to choose from, making it easy to find the ideal machine to suit the needs of your business. If the idea of investing in baling equipment is off-putting, why not look into the more affordable option of purchasing used equipment or hiring some suitable equipment instead?


Over the years, commercial waste has accounted for a large percentage of the tons of waste that now fill our landfill sites in the UK.  This method of waste disposal is neither a sustainable or cost-effective solution in the long term.

If we all give a little more conscious thought to the way we manage our waste, turning to more responsible and environmentally friendly alternatives, collectively we can make a huge difference.

Rather than viewing recycling as a hassle, with the correct approach your waste disposal can become a cost-effective part of your business strategy.

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