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Multiple Uses For Recycled Glass

Have you ever wondered what happens to all of the used glass products that are sent off to be recycled each week?

There are so many different uses for this versatile material, so let us take a closer look at some of the popular uses for recycled glass, starting with the most obvious!

Glass Bottles

Perhaps unsurprisingly, the glass industry was the first to realise the benefit of collecting and processing its own packaging to create new packaging for products, closing the loop.

Today this particular industry achieves a recycling rate to aspire to, unlike many other industries that are sluggishly lagging behind.

Composite Glass Worktops

Recycled glass can be turned into beautiful and durable worktops for use in kitchens and bathrooms and this attractive product is gaining a great deal of popularity in modern interiors thanks to its unique reflective surface and the fact that its durability can compete with tough granite and other types of composite worktops.

The majority of glass composite worktops consist of a combination of 85% recycled glass and 15% cement. Consumers looking for greener and more sustainable products for their home interiors and businesses are attracted to this environmentally friendly product.

Recycled Glass Splash Backs

Made with 100% recycled glass and with the option to have bespoke pieces cut to size, glass splash backs are a hygienic and durable surface for homes and businesses and the options in terms of their colour and design are plentiful. Fibre optic lights fitted beneath the surface are one of the many bespoke, creative ways to use this environmentally friendly product to enhance an interior.

Recycled Glass Tiles

Shiny, pearlescent, sandblasted or matt, the choice of finish when you are searching for recycled glass tiles is as astonishing as the wonderful variety of colours. Many companies offer a bespoke service allowing their clients the opportunity to choose the dimensions and shape of their tiles, enabling people to create a unique look of their own using this green product.

Green Beads

Recycled glass is also used to make beads for all kinds of craft and jewellery projects. Glass has been a popular material for beads for many centuries so recycling glass for this creative purpose makes perfect sense.


This variety of asphalt uses a quantity of crushed glass in place of sand and makes a wonderful alternative to standard pavements because in addition to being tough and durable, it sparkles in the sunlight!

In Construction

There are a variety of uses for recycled glass in construction, when crushed finely it can be used to replace sand, less finely it can be used to replace gravel.

Uses include:

  • In aggregate
  • Backfill for trenches and pipes
  • Backfill for foundations
  • Mixing concrete
  • The production of insulation materials
  • Road surfaces

Endless Possibilities

By viewing used glass as a resource rather than waste, the possibilities are endless. This versatile and useful material can be reused in all sorts of ways by all kinds of businesses and communities. One thing is for sure, glass should never be disposed of in a landfill site.

This wonderful resource is far too useful to be sent to landfill where it will remain for thousands of years without biodegrading. This material can be recycled an infinite number of times, so it is important that we all recycle our used and unwanted glass products in a responsible way.

The costs associated with disposing of waste glass through unsustainable methods are high due to the heavy weight of this particular material. Yet another great reason for businesses to recycle their waste glass responsibly!

Phoenix Options

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