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Make, Use, Throw Away, Make Another

For several decades, we have allowed ourselves to collectively settle into the unsustainable model of ‘make, use, throw away, make …

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Theft Of Waste

I never thought I would be reading a news items about theft of cardboard and yet, a new theft of …

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Find The Ideal Baling Solution For Your Business

A growing number of businesses and organisations are realising the advantages that can be gained by using a waste baler …

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Biofuels – A Work In Progress


Biofuels are any solid, liquid or gas fuel, obtained from living things, or biological waste that is produced …

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Any Old Oil Or Used Motor Oil? – Part 2

When discarded irresponsibly, used motor oil contaminates and pollutes the environment, but despite this, it is estimated that as much …

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Any Old Oil or Used Motor Oil?

Used cooking oil is a valuable resource; it can be purified and used in the production of many useful products, …

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Choosing The Right Compactor Or Baler For Your Business Waste

A commercial compactor could be just what your business needs to get on top of your waste management issues and …

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Businesses have A Social Responsibility To Instigate Change

Businesses have a social or recycling responsibility to encourage and promote the reuse of materials and other products that have …

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Waste Not Want Not

Even one hundred years ago, food waste was a recognised issue, in fact the Women’s Institute, (WI) when it first …

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The Trouble With Plastic…

We are surrounded by it and despite the fact that plastic is a marvellous, versatile material, the multiple qualities that …

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Is Zero Waste A Realistic Goal?

Zero Waste is a widely used buzzword in recent years, but its definition is interpreted and used in very different …

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E-Waste – How Do You Dispose Of Yours?

There are millions of obsolete electronic items discarded every year as consumers and businesses change their electronic equipment so rapidly …

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Why Recycle Waste Batteries?

When waste batteries are sent to landfill, toxic heavy metals including mercury, nickel and cadmium will eventually begin to leak …

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Is It Time To Seek Professional Advice?

Business owners who are able to change their perception of waste and view it as a resource rather than an …

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