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Reduce Costs By Recycling Your Commercial Waste

Any successful business owner will tell you that any opportunity to minimise your expenses and maximise your income should be embraced, but many businesses miss out on the significant savings that can be made by implementing a comprehensive system for recycling their waste.

Recycling waste products is not just fantastic for the environment; it can also have a positive impact on your profit margins.

Recycling Waste Paper and Cardboard

A large percentage of business waste tends to be dominated by paper. Cardboard waste can be incredibly bulky which makes it costly to dispose of, but baling and recycling this valuable commodity instead of throwing it out, minimises the impact that your business waste has on the environment and enables the waste to be used in the production of new products including boxes and packing materials.

Inexpensive Solutions

People frequently have a misconception about the cost involved with being greener and recycling waste responsibly, when in truth implementing a recycling program to deal with your paper waste is an inexpensive option for businesses.

Companies that would typically spend high quantities of money on waste disposal can make huge savings and Pheonix Compactors and Balers even offer a solution whereby the baling equipment is provided free of charge in exchange for the baled product, so in truth it could not be any easier or cheaper!

The Environmental Benefits

Reduce the quantity of bulky waste in landfill
Reduce the demand for virgin pulp – save trees
Less pollution is created in the paper recycling process, than in the process of creating new paper from pulp

The Economic Benefits

Minimising waste disposal fees immediately saves money
Potential to generate an additional income through selling the waste product
Being greener could potentially attract new clients. – A growing number of businesses actively seek out others who demonstrate a genuine commitment to a greener future

Win, Win…

If your business currently generates a high quantity of paper and cardboard waste, why not target this area of your business and turn it into a positive by implementing an environmentally friendly recycling program? You have absolutely nothing to lose and everything to gain.

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