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From Unwanted Waste To Valuable Resource

Rewind the clock back to twenty years ago and just about all of our business waste was discarded with very little thought as to where it would end up. The only reason for companies to use compactors to reduce the bulk size of their waste back then was to reduce the amount of money they were spending on having it sent to the landfill sites.

New Legislation and Directives

It was not until the late Nineties that companies began to recycle waste materials like cardboard, because suddenly new legislation and waste directives made it commercially viable to do so. Some of the directives that were introduced back then gave businesses advice on ways to reduce the quantity of packaging material they were sending to landfill, but it was not until business owners were hit with landfill taxes that they began to pay closer attention to their waste management strategies.

Selling Waste Cardboard

All of a sudden, the idea of sending a material like cardboard, which could be so easily recycled to landfill and paying out a hefty sum for the privilege did not seem quite as logical, particularly as there was a ready market willing to pay a reasonable price for the baled material.

Waste cardboard along with many other baled materials including paper and plastic bottles are now a valuable commodity, which can produce a stream of income rather than cost the business owner money to dispose of.

Money Talks!

Baling reduces transport and labour costs for recycling contractors because it reduces the bulk of the waste substantially and therefore reduces the number of loads that are carried to processing units.

The price that can be achieved from a baled ton of waste varies a huge amount depending on the type of material and of course, its quality, but it is easy to see how the prospect of selling baled waste for anything between £30 and £250 per tonne has changed business owner’s attitude and approach towards their waste.

Good News For Everyone

Regardless of what motivates businesses to recycle their waste materials, any change for the better is great news for the environment, which is essentially great news for all of us. Even smaller business owners can now opt to recycle their waste and make it economically viable because of the potential to reduce costs in the process.

Flexible Solutions

Companies in the UK now have a variety of options available to them in terms of the type and size of machinery they use to manage their waste and there is also the option to either rent or purchase machinery allowing companies to find a solution that best meets their needs.

Renting is ideal for companies who require flexibility or have a limited amount of funds to put towards machinery, but for many other companies, despite the fact that this type of machine is a large investment, in many instances a return on that investment is achieved in a relatively short space of time.

The Rising Cost Of Landfill Waste

As the UK government continues to work towards meeting its recycling targets, the cost of sending waste to landfill continues to rise by around £8 per tonne each year. Recycling your commercial waste and having an strong and progressive waste management strategy in place has never made more sense.

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