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Choosing The Right Compactor Or Baler For Your Business Waste

A commercial compactor could be just what your business needs to get on top of your waste management issues and it may even help you to save money. Here at Phoenix Compactors & Balers we’ve got all sorts of different types and sizes of machine to choose from, so it ought to be possible to find the ideal machine to suit just about any commercial environment.

Waste = Cash

The larger the volume of waste your business produces, the greater potential there is for generating an additional income from your waste materials. Having large quantities of loose waste collected from your business premises is an inefficient and costly way to handle your waste. Even if your business produces relatively small quantities of waste material, you may find that the benefits associated with installing equipment make it an option that is well worth exploring.

Are You Short On Space?

Many business owners are under the impression that they do not have adequate storage space to house this type of equipment, but again, balers and compactors come in all different shapes and sizes and some can even be stored outside the premises rather than taking up premium space inside the building.

When considering space – keep in mind that your new equipment is going to save you space, as there will be no more loose materials to store. Compacting waste often means that the bulk of your waste is reduced by a ratio of 15 to 1 or more!

Go Outdoors

Some machinery can be kept outdoors providing there is a suitable area with overhead coverage. If you are considering putting a machine outside, take care to get expert advice and choose equipment that will be capable of operating efficiently in all temperatures and weathers. Some machinery does not work quite so efficiently in cold temperatures.

Position Your machine In A Practical Location

Whether Inside or out, it is crucial to place your machine in a location that is practical for your staff; ideally at source, to avoid an inefficient process whereby waste materials need to be transported unnecessarily around the premises. The placement and use of the machine should fit into your current system to make it practical to use.

Annual Servicing

Like most machines, your baler or compactor should be serviced annually to make sure that it is running efficiently and safely. If you are renting machinery this service will generally be part of the package.

Rent Or Buy?

There are many benefits to renting machinery rather than committing to a purchase, in addition to the included servicing, rental gives you a great deal of flexibility. Many companies find that they do not produce sufficient quantities of waste during the majority of the year and then suddenly during busy seasons such as the run up to Christmas, the volume of waste suddenly increases tenfold. In this sort of scenario, equipment rental could provide you with an ideal, short term solution for handling your waste more efficiently.

Find Out More

To find out more and ascertain whether your business would benefit from the use of compacting and baling equipment, then get in touch with us and we’ll help advise you on the best product for your business.

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