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Portable Compactors

Why Choose Compactors?

Not only do Phoenix waste compactors save you money, they are also:

  • Efficient
  • Practical
  • Convenient
  • Environmentally acceptable
  • Adaptable
  • Powerful

Both the static and portable compactors that we provide at Phoenix will help you manage your waste in a cost-efficient and environmentally-friendly way. No matter whether you require a portable compactor for rental or a static compactor to buy, we will ensure that you receive a customer-centred service to suit you. We not only install the compactors on-site for you, we also provide ongoing customer support via radio contact, so that our experts are always on hand to help you however you may require.

Phoenix can offer you either static or portable compactors depending on your specific waste disposal needs. We are particularly adept at assessing your waste situation and providing a system which is designed to suit your bespoke requirements.

Below shows our static and portable compactors. The main difference between our equipment is that static compactors are bolted to the ground and dispose waste into the adjacent compaction container, whereas portable compactors are independent units which the waste disposal contractor can take away, empty and return. Static compactors are bigger and can compact more waste as in an industrial setting, while portables are beneficial where space is at a premium. Whether you want to buy or rent, we are here to discuss which type of compactor will suit you best.

Feel free to contact us for a quote.

Compact Drum Crusher

Technical Specifications

Compact Drum Crusher Dimensions

Height: 2.52m
Width: 1.19m
Depth: 1m
Weight: 690kgs
Transportation Height: 1.8m
Power Supply: 3 Phase 400v
Motor: 11 Kw 32 amp
Pressing Force: Up to 24 Ton
Noise Level: 75 Decibels
Compaction Ratio: 6:1
Cycle Time: 40 seconds
•High compaction force
•Clear controls for ease of operation
•Totally enclosed shell ensures high level of safety
•30 litre Oil collection tray with tap connection
•CE marked


Waterpress Portable Compactor

The Waterpress compactor is ideal for wet waste such as that produced by kitchens or the food processing industry. The Waterpress does not feature a ram compartment and is generally less prone to odours and liquid leakage. Because the powerpack and cylinders are situated away from the waste compaction area, the machine is more reliable and will last longer. The system is supplied in sizes from 10 cubic metre capacity to 24 cubic metre.

Portable Compactor PXE400

The PXE400 Portable Compactor is a compactor that is loaded by hand and features an interlocked counterbalanced lid.

Why Choose Portable Compactor PXE400?

The PXE400 is a smaller compactor of 14 cubic yards. It can be handled by skip lorry and offers instant benefits such as saving time and space and increasing efficiency.

Portable Compactor PXE4000

The PXE4000 is the larger of our portable compactor models, and is handled by Rolonof vehicle. At 32 cubic yards, this compactor handles greater volumes of waste.

PXE4000 Benefits:

  • Will save space by compacting your business’s waste
  • Improves efficiency by reducing labour
  • Available with wheelie bin lifter and freestanding safety cage