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Horizontal Balers


Horizontal balers are required when waste volumes are higher than can be reasonably loaded into vertical balers with doors. These units can be easily loaded by hand or bucket/grabs. Our most popular semi-automatic models are:

When volumes of waste are very high (say 20 tonnes per week or more), it might be worth considering a fully automatic baling system such as the blue system shown above.

  • For large volumes
  • Continuous loading
  • Automatic tying
  • Automatic ejection
  • Capable of up to 30 tonnes per hour (depending on model)

Our horizontal baling machines are consistently checked to ensure they meet the standard safety requirements. We provide balers for several industries, such as hotels, airports, shopping centres, food processing facilities and many more sectors.

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Horizontal Baler CK400

The CK400 is one of our most popular horizontal balers, ideal for small bulk material including small boxes and some …

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Horizontal Baler CK600

This horizontal baler is excellent for more brittle material and ideally lends itself to heavy duty baling. The CK600 horizontal …

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Horizontal Baler CK850

This horizontal baler is perfect for large volumes, processing up to 3 tonnes per hour, with the capacity to produce …

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