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Food Processing


Food processing companies are very important as they are engaged in the transformation of raw ingredients, through a physical or chemical means, into food, or food into other forms. As food processing units combine raw food ingredients into the production of sellable food products, they are bound to generate a high volume of food waste. The food industry faces a constant pressure to cut costs and reduce its carbon and environmental footprint.  At Phoenix Compactors, we work with various food processing units and it has become clear that the industry has recognised the problems connected with the treatment and disposal of waste from the preparation and preservation of the food produced.

As a food processor, you probably rely on modern packaging materials and systems to extend the life of your products and make them easier to store and transport. Much of the wastage in the industry occurs from the expiration of food as a result of faulty packaging, which then is unsuitable for sale or consumption. Our portable compactors are 100% leak and odour proof, suitable for collecting and disposing of your food waste to recycling centres; hence, preventing them from harming the climate, water, land and biodiversity.  Our compactors are ideal for food processing businesses like yours due to the enhanced hygiene levels and less vulnerability to spillage, vermin and insects.   Using our compactors will save your business from trade effluent charges and high disposal costs that you might incur. Our expertise in this area has resulted in Phoenix Compactors working for food processing clients such as Yoplait Dairy Crest, Bernard Matthews, Britvic Soft Drinks, Birds Eye Walls and Bakkavor Group.

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