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The UK summer gives rise to a host of festivals, with great live music and nights sleeping under the stars. For festival-goers, these events are often the highlight of their year so proper planning is of the utmost importance to organisers.

There is increasing concern about the huge volumes of waste generated during these festivals. This has left organisers to consider the following questions in the lead-up to a festival:

Waste reduction: How can waste be kept to a minimal level?

Waste disposal: How will the waste be disposed of after the festival?

Waste recycling: How can as much waste as possible be recycled?

Large amounts of the festival waste generated comes from the campsite, as people are fond of leaving their tents behind at the end of the event.  Other common waste found at festivals includes food containers, food waste, clothes and shoes, festival tickets, glass bottles and plastic drink containers.

At Phoenix Compactors, we understand all about the waste that can be accumulated during festivals. Our well-trained team is capable of assessing your waste disposal needs and providing a bespoke solution to suit your requirements. Our static and portable compactors are used for compacting mixed waste and our balers are also useful in the separation of paper, cardboard and plastic. You and your team of volunteers do not need to lift a finger, as our team can efficiently collect and dispose of all the waste in an environmentally-friendly manner, helping to boost your festival’s green credentials.

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