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Why companies should consider waste management a priority

The environmental impact of the amount of waste we produce has long been understood, and most people have embraced recycling. In fact, the recent 5p carrier bag levy has been a resounding success – slashing carrier bag use by 80%, cutting landfill and saving an estimated £60m in litter clean-up costs. However, at a corporate level, things still have a long way to go and there are troubling reports worldwide that councils and businesses aren’t fulfilling their promises to not send waste to landfill.

To try and make waste management a priority for companies, in 2011 the UK government published its Waste (England and Wales) Regulations in which it unveiled the waste hierarchy which ranks waste options according to what’s best for the environment.

Benefits to your company of a good waste management policy

According to the waste hierarchy, prevention is the first step to take – if you don’t produce the waste in the first place, you won’t have to spend money dealing with it! So by implementing a successful waste management policy, you’ll not only cut your waste and save money on its disposal, but also save money on not needing to buy so many raw materials, packing or equipment in the first place.

If your company produces a lot of waste, you will save money on collection by using compactors or balers. You may also find that by sorting waste products, e.g. cardboard or plastics, you can sell them to specialist businesses, making sustainability a cost-effective option.

The knock-on effects on your company could go further than cost savings – your environmental awareness and sustainable practices will boost staff morale and have a positive impact on your brand’s reputation.

Phoenix Compactors have a RecycleBuy scheme for organisations producing large quantities of recyclable materials.

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