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Corporate Responsibility – A Brighter Future

Every business has its own individual agenda: primarily the main goal is usually to generate profits! However, nowadays, unless a business operates in an ethically sound and corporate responsible way, there is a high risk that public perception of the company could impact negatively on its success. Hence, the focus on corporate responsibility by most of these firms.

Generally, consumers now have higher expectations and expect companies to take proper care of their social, economic and environmental responsibilities. In the long term, it certainly makes no sense at all for a business to behave badly. Breaking environmental or ethical laws can lead to heavy fines and besides, these days the public are more aware than ever of the power that can be achieved when people collectively vote with their feet on mass!

The whole notion of corporate responsibility continues to go from strength to strength as consumers and employees seek out companies who demonstrate that they are committed and take their corporate responsibility seriously.

The Environment

According to DEFRA, the quantity of waste created by UK businesses accounts for almost 25% of all of the waste generated in the UK each year. Businesses are being encouraged through various means and incentives to adopt greener, more sustainable waste management strategies and to be aware of the impact their waste can have on the environment.

The waste management and recycling sector continues to develop at a steady pace as a growing number of businesses are seeking out more effective methods to help them manage and recycle their waste materials efficiently and to enable them to reduce their carbon footprint.

Greater responsibility is being taken to reduce waste, choose more sustainable materials and use working methods and processes that cause the least damage to the environment.

Rather than sending large quantities of waste to landfill, as was the norm for so many years, many business owners are using compactors, balers and specialised services to make sure that the materials they no longer need are treated as a resource and recycled responsibly.

A Genuine Commitment

Each company within its respective industry will face its own challenges in terms of meeting consumer expectations and operating within all of the relevant environmental laws and regulations that are actively enforced by the UK government.

In the long term however there are many great benefits to be achieved by those companies who are genuinely committed, because in addition to the obvious benefits to the environment, (which are in everybody’s interest), there are clear financial benefits to be enjoyed too:

  • Reduced waste management costs – recycling efficiently is more cost effective than sending waste to landfill
  • Consumer appeal – Many consumers are drawn to companies with ethical values they can relate to a phenomenon known as ‘the Green pound.’
  • Investment opportunity – Greener companies receive greater interest from potential investors, making it easier for these business owners to  access the investment they need to develop and grow

The bottom line is that between people power and government regulations, businesses are under greater scrutiny to take their corporate responsibility seriously. Whether they are adapting and changing to avoid fines and public outcry or out of a genuine sense of responsibility, at least the result paints a more positive picture for the future!

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