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Donate Your Scrap To Scrap Store

Business owners are facing increasing pressure to meet their corporate responsibility in terms of waste management and therefore for many business owners it is great news that scrapstores across the UK are providing a cost effective and green solution to help all kinds of businesses dispose of scrap materials, including some that are difficult to recycle.

What Is A Scrapstore?

There are approximately 100 independent scrapstores in operation across the UK. Their goal is to collect unwanted materials from businesses that would otherwise be likely to wind up in landfill and encourage the reuse of these unwanted waste materials within local communities, primarily for the purpose of creativity and play.

All of the scrapstores operate in slightly different ways, but essentially, they provide communities with a huge, low cost resource of various scrap materials that can be easily accessed by individuals and groups for unlimited creative use.

What Sort Of Materials Can Be Donated?

Providing it is clean and reusable, just about any kind of waste is considered, you are probably familiar with the old saying; ‘one man’s junk is another man’s treasure’. Many of the materials are the sort that you could perhaps recycle through the usual channels, including: textiles, cardboard, paper, metals and plastics, but many other materials that are collected by scrapstores are items that would be much more difficult to recycle, for example:

  • End of line products
  • Rejected items from production lines
  • Tyres
  • Paint & varnish
  • Foam
  • Reels
  • Particleboard off cuts

Anything that has the potential to be reused in some way as a creative art material would be considered, the list really is endless. You would be amazed at some of the incredible ways that your unwanted materials could be used by creative minds within the community.

Some scrapstores will also collect unwanted furniture and electronic items from you, so whatever it is you need to dispose of, it is well worth checking with your local scrapstore before throwing it away.

Donating Scrap Can Save You Money

Many of the waste products produced by businesses cost money to dispose of, so using a scrapstore to divert your waste stream is often an excellent, cost saving alternative. Rather than paying to dispose of certain waste items, sending them off to landfill, or paying for a skip, many businesses are taking advantage of their local scrapstores, saving themselves money and contributing something useful to the community in the process.

You have nothing to lose, simply get in touch with your nearest scrapstore (see below for details), tell them what you have got and providing they are interested in taking it off your hands, most will even travel to you for collection of the materials!

Want To Find Out More?

If you are interested in donating some of your business waste to a local scrapstore, visit: where you will find plenty of useful information about the type of materials that are accepted and a full directory of scrapstores across the UK. Simply pop in your location to find your nearest scrapstore. It could not possibly be easier!

Scrapstores provide a fantastic resource for communities and create a win-win situation for everyone. Without support from local businesses, they would be empty and unable to continue their good work. By joining in and contributing, your business could possibly improve upon its current waste management strategy and actively demonstrate a commitment to the environment and the local community at the same time!

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