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Find The Ideal Baling Solution For Your Business

A growing number of businesses and organisations are realising the advantages that can be gained by using a waste baler to improve their waste management strategy, processing dry recyclable materials such as plastic and cardboard into more manageable, uniform bales.

There are so many different types and sizes of waste baler that the process of choosing the right one to meet your requirements can be a little overwhelming… If in doubt, your best bet is to talk to a company who specialises in this type of equipment. They will be able to assess your needs and guide you to the most suitable piece of machinery for rental or purchase.

Would Your Business Benefit From The Use Of A Waste Baler?

All kinds of different sized businesses, in a variety of industries are able to benefit from baling their waste materials. Typically, these businesses will find that a large proportion of the waste they produce can easily be recycled, rather than disposing of it in landfill, saving a great deal on their usual waste collection and disposal expenses.

Many businesses find it difficult to store their waste in an efficient way, in between collections. Loose waste takes up a great deal of space and aside from the expense of traditional disposal methods, it can also present a variety of unnecessary safety risks.

Reducing outgoings and saving space are two of the key benefits that make a baler a worthwhile investment for a business owner.

What Sort Of Machine Do I Need?

Balers come in all sorts of shapes and sizes and the only way to ensure the model you select matches the needs of your business appropriately is to seek the advice and guidance of a professional. Working out the best type and model for your business will depend on many considerations including:

Space – The quantity of space you have available to house the machinery. Keep in mind that the baled material will free up space that would previously have been filled with loose waste material.

Material – the quantity and type of waste material.

End User – An important consideration will relate to the end user who will purchase your bales. You will need to establish the requirements of your end user in order to make sure you choose the right machine to achieve the best return for your recyclable baled materials.

What Benefits Are Associated With Baling Waste Materials?

Fire Risk – Once baled your waste materials present less of a fire hazard than they would in a loose state.

A Greener Business – Demonstrate that your business cares about the environment by diverting your waste stream from landfill sites and recycling it responsibly.

Reduce The Volume Of Waste – Baled waste takes up far less space, so its storage and transportation becomes easier and more cost effective.

Generate Additional Revenue – Baled materials can be sold, rather than sent to landfill, generating an additional income opportunity for your business.

Why not get in touch with our team here at Phoenix Compactors & Balers to discuss your requirements and establish which type of machine would offer the best baling solution for your business.

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