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Is too much packaging by supermarkets a waste concern?

Supermarket packaging is the bane of the environmental groups, but continued publicity about too much packaging by supermarkets being a waste concern has given manufacturers food for thought, and they’re now changing their habits.

Global food giant Mondelez reported that in the ten years to 2015, it eliminated nearly 300 million tonnes of packaging from its supply chain. It has its own packaging Eco-Calculator to assess new pack designs and uses less new and more recycled materials in order to reduce energy and greenhouse gases.

The packaging industry media recently reported that unpackaged grocery shopping is becoming more popular with consumers because people are concerned not only with the cost of their food, but also about the environmental advantages of producing less packing. It has had the additional advantage that with people buying only what they need, there’s less food waste too.

Addressing consumer worries

Concerned about the estimated 3,000 tonnes of packaging waste from Easter eggs sales, this year Sainsbury’s launched it’s own recycling service to encourage customers to bring their waste back to the store to be dealt with. Whilst this produced great publicity for the company and ticked all the CSR boxes, it left Sainsbury’s with the problem of getting rid of the packaging.

If small retail outlets and mini supermarkets are inspired by Sainsbury’s example and would like to offer a packaging disposal service to create customer loyalty, they should look at renting or buying a portable compactor which would offer the best value for money.

There will always be a need for packaging

However, minimal the packaging for the consumer, there will always be a need for it in order to transport bulk goods safely, especially when it comes to food. The good news is that as overall levels of packaging fall, retailers can go for longer periods of time between collections which will effectively reduce costs.
Phoenix Compactors have more than 30 years’ experience in waste management. We can help you assess your retail outlet’s waste disposal needs and will provide a solution which help your boost your green credentials. Call our team on 01708 550641 to find out more.

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