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Reducing your footprint – landfill

There are many reasons why you need to reduce the amount of rubbish that is collected and sent to landfill. In business terms, the most compelling is the cost! As space becomes sparser and the amount of recycling increases with our greater environmental awareness, councils are increasing their fees, making it even more imperative that alternative methods of waste disposal are used.

Money aside, our own safety should come top of the list for the need to reduce landfill. It’s well-known that methane is a by-product of the organic waste that’s found in landfill, but it’s just one of ten toxic gases emitted. The toxins aren’t only bad for the environment in general, they also affect the air quality immediately around landfill sites.

By investing in a waste compactor, the logistics of removing your waste becomes immeasurably more manageable and less costly to actually deal with and remove from your site.

There are also toxic chemicals produced that are in danger of leaking into the ground and water around them. Experts predict this is about to become a major – not to mention costly – headache on older landfill sites.

An additional, and very real, hazard of the gases produced by landfill waste is fire. Google ‘landfill fire’ and you’ll get news stories from all around the world – though few will be as spectacular as a fire in a landfill near Washington this month. Whilst the way the fire burns looks spectacular, it is actually extraordinarily dangerous as the flames release sulphur dioxide which, if it comes into contact with water – including the water in your lungs – will turn into sulphurous acid.

How to reduce waste

In the UK, 21st century governments have done more to encourage consumers and businesses alike to reduce the amount of waste we send to landfill. Laws have included reducing the amount and type of waste allowed in landfill, the 5p plastic carrier bag tax, greater regulations about the recycling content in packaging, and laws requiring producers of vehicles, electrical and electronic goods and batteries to recover a certain amount of their products.

It is only if individuals and businesses alike take collective responsibility for ensuring we reduce our footprint that significant improvements will be made. If your business produces a lot of cardboard or plastic waste, we can help you recycle. It won’t only help the environment, it will also make good business sense, saving you money on waste disposal and gaining customer loyalty as a result of your responsible practices.


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