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What kind of waste compactor do I need?

If your business produces a lot of rubbish and you are looking for waste compactor equipment, you will need to make sure you have the best and most cost-effective equipment for the job.

Festivals and large events

If you are running a festival or any kind of large event, renting portable waste compactors is the best solution to deal with all rubbish and mixed waste that will undoubtedly be created. If you anticipate a lot of food waste at the event, hire a waterpress portable compactor which is less likely to smell or suffer from leakages.

Paper, cardboard and plastic waste

The so-called Blue Planet effect has resulted in an upsurge of green thinking and behaviour which means you could be dealing with more recyclable waste. For small to medium amounts of paper, cardboard or plastic, you’ll need a vertical baler. Vertical balers come in various sizes which can create bales of waste between 40kg and 650kg in weight.

For larger quantities of waste, say 20 tonnes a week or more, horizontal balers are large and robust enough for the job. With automatic tying and ejection, some of the balers are capable of processing up to 30 tonnes an hour, making them ideal for large businesses such as manufacturers, airports, shopping centres etc.

Food waste

When you are disposing of food waste, you have to be careful about leaks and spillages which will cause hygiene problems, as well as releasing bad odours and attracting rats and insects. Food waste can be put into our portable compactors which are 100% leak-proof, thereby affording you safe storage and disposal.

Oil drums

If your business uses a lot of oil, you don’t want to waste valuable space storing the empty oil drums. Our compact drum crushers will solve this storage problem whilst you’re waiting for them to be collected. Any oil that is still in the drum will be drained into a collection tray and you can dispose of it along with the rest of your waste oil.

If you have any questions about waste compactors and balers, please contact us and talk to one of our experts.

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