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Baling Your Cardboard Waste

Businesses that produce a quantity of cardboard waste have several different options when it comes to its disposal, but once you look at the current market prices that can be achieved by baling and selling waste cardboard, it is clear to see that baling this element of your waste stream is likely to be  the most efficient and cost effective solution.

Reduce Costs By Selling Your Waste

The purchase and hire costs associated with baling equipment may seem a little off putting at first glance, but it pays to dig a little deeper. Depending on the quantity of waste you produce, a baler could help your business to reduce costs, (by sending less waste to landfill) and on top of that, you could achieve an attractive net return in the process through selling this valuable waste material to a recycling company.

Even Businesses Producing A Small Quantity Of Waste Cardboard Can Make Savings

Those producing high quantities of cardboard waste would require a horizontal baler, designed to cope with large volumes of waste efficiently. Other businesses can choose from a variety of vertical balers, a popular choice for a growing number of businesses that are looking for a piece of equipment that will enable them to reduce costs and save space by producing small bales of cardboard waste for recycling.

Vertical Balers – The Perfect Solution For Recycling On A Small Scale

With a small vertical baler, you can position your equipment in a convenient place, close to where the majority of your waste is actually generated, to minimise the amount of labour involved in processing your waste, keeping your storage area clear by compacting your cardboard immediately if necessary.

Most businesses cannot justify the cost of a larger horizontal baler, but even if your business only has enough waste cardboard to produce smaller scale bales infrequently, the right baler could present you with an ideal opportunity to save money.

Regardless of which baler you choose, there will be some operational costs to factor in, such as the cost of labour, the energy required to power the machine and the baling wire required to secure your bales. However, when you look at these minor costs in relation to the cost savings and the benefits that you will enjoy because of baling your waste cardboard, they will soon pale into insignificance.

Save Space, Save Time

Cardboard waste is a bulky material that can take up a large quantity of your storage space and become unsightly. Flattening boxes is the most logical way to handle this bulky item and reduce the amount of space required to store it, but flattening boxes manually can be time-consuming and laborious for your employees.

The addition of a suitable sized vertical baler on your business premises can help you to save space and time. Thankfully, the majority of balers do not require you to flatten the boxes prior to feeding them into the machine and this can save your business a great deal on labour time.

Small bales are easier to handle and can be conveniently stacked on top of one another prior to collection to save space. Your collection weight is easy to establish by simply counting and recording the number of bales, you have produced.

Purchase Rent Or Lease A Baler For Your Business

Whether you choose to purchase, lease or rent, the implementation of a baler to improve your waste management strategy can be a win-win situation for your business and the environment. Also, cardboard compactors can also help your company save time, space and money whilst increasing the level 0f recycling.

There are plenty of well-established resources already available to help you recycle your cardboard conveniently and efficiently, all you have to do is take the initiative to get started!

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