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Maximise The Value Of Your Business Waste

Ambitious mandatory recycling targets coupled with the continually rising costs associated with sending business waste to landfill has lead to a situation whereby more and more business owners are having to take a long hard look at their approach to waste management.

Identifying greener and more sustainable ways to dispose of business waste is no longer the sort of issue that business owners can afford to ignore…

Baling Your Business Waste

The majority of materials can be recycled and in an ideal world, recyclable materials would never be sent to landfill to decompose slowly.

Using a baler to compress and bale waste materials neatly is an efficient way to add value to your waste stream, as once baled your waste is ready to be collected for recycling and depending on the type of material, your baled waste can achieve an attractive market value per tonne.

Selling your baled business waste makes far more sense than paying to have it collected and sent to landfill through the more traditional and less sustainable routes.

Many different types of materials can be successfully baled, for processing at a recycling plant including:

  • Paper
  • Cardboard
  • Plastic containers and trays
  • PET plastic bottles
  • Plastic packaging and shrink-wrap
  • Foil and aluminium
  • Electrical waste & more

The Benefits For Your Business

The benefits to the environment are clear but businesses also benefit a great deal themselves when they opt to bale and recycle a large percentage of their waste stream.

For example:

  • Significant savings due to reduced fees for waste collection – with these fees set to increase businesses are able to protect themselves from the impact of rising costsin the future.
  • Being a green business has many benefits – your clients and customers who share the same green ethos will have a more positive perception of your company, which is great for business!
  • Increased space – collections of loose waste take up a large volume of space and can be unsightly, whereas baled waste takes up less room on your business premises, and can be stacked neatly prior to collection.
  • Improved health and safety standards – compacted bales present a minimal fire risk, in complete contrast to loose waste.

Flexible Options

Businesses who wish to incorporate a baler into their waste management strategy can purchase new or reconditioned equipment, rent the equipment they need  or alternatively they can look for a suitable scheme like our Recycle Buy.

The Recycle Buy scheme enables businesses to gain access to a suitable baler, free of charge in exchange for baled materials. For more information about the Recycle Buy scheme and further options, why not get in touch with one of our friendly members of staff.

Rather than paying in excess of £80 per tonne to send your waste to landfill you could be baling and selling it for anything up to £200 per tonne.

When you look at the figures and examine your options more closely, balers clearly save business money. Put like that it appears to a bit of a no brainer really!

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