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Waste at business parks

Virtually every town has at least one business park serving the needs of companies of all sizes looking for convenient office space with enough parking space to accommodate all the needs of their staff.

The concentration of so many businesses brought together has obvious implications for waste disposal. Even when the individual companies deal with their own waste, management companies still have to deal with business park waste from communal areas.

With an increasing number of facilities being offered by business parks, such as cafés and outdoor space, and sometimes even a gym, a nursery, or a space where people can organise lunchtime or evening events, that contributes to the increasing amount of waste produced at business parks.

With the diversity of business types, there will also be a diversity of waste products. All the waste from business parks needs to be dealt with efficiently in order to maximise cost-effectiveness and minimise the environmental impact.

Environmental concerns

Currently, there is huge global interest in the environmental impact, due to the handling of single-use plastics. Business park managers concerned about the amount of plastic and cardboard waste produced can turn it to their advantage by baling the waste and selling the materials for recycling.

Managers could also encourage the use of recycling throughout the business park. has produced guidelines on its website for workplaces that want to encourage recycling. There are good business reasons for doing so, as such policies can save you money by not sending waste to landfill, with the possibility of recouping a small amount of income by selling the waste for recycling.

A business park’s waste policy needs to take all these different elements into consideration and ensure they have a robust waste management policy.

Phoenix Compactors can help deal with the efficient disposal of large amounts of waste, using compactors and balers. If you would like to discuss the best equipment for your waste disposal needs, or find out more about our materials recycling service, contact us to arrange an appointment.

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