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Useful tips to efficiently deal with waste fat, oils and grease

Waste fat, oils, and grease (FOG) are a huge problem. It doesn’t matter whether it’s industrial or domestic waste fats or oil, it all needs to be disposed of responsibly.

There are already schemes that convert waste cooking oils and fats into eco-friendly B20 biodiesel. Transport for London is leading the way with 2,500 London buses running on B20, making theirs the cleanest bus fleet of any major city; and the Mayor has ambitious plans for the entire fleet to have zero emissions by 2037.

Domestic waste

At the end of last year, the news was full of stories about the giant fatberg that was blocking the sewers. When we pour fat, oils and grease down the drain, the fat accumulates and starts to block the pipes. Fatbergs are further compounded by the cosmetic wipes, wet wipes, nappies etc that people flush down the toilet instead of throwing them into the bin where they can be properly disposed of.

Water and sewage companies in the UK have to deal with around 366,000 blockages caused by FOG in the public system every year, as well as around three-quarters of all blockages that occur in the home – causing around 5,000 properties to flood every year.

In the home, small amounts of cooking oil and fats can be disposed of in the normal food waste recycling – they must not be poured down the sink!

Commercial waste

Restaurants and commercial caterers have a duty of care to dispose of their waste oil responsibly, most of which goes on to be converted into biodiesel.

Unused commercial drums can be disposed of in a drum crusher which will help save money by reducing the frequency companies need to have their waste drums collected for disposal. Easy to operate, drum crushers hydraulically crush drums or any metal containers in order to save space. The crushers will also produce more waste oil, holding up to 30 litres which can subsequently be sent off for appropriate recycling.

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