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Your Business Could Save Money By Being Greener

Believe it or not, but there are tons of different ways for your business to save money by being a little bit greener. If you like the idea of saving money through being more eco-friendly, take a look at the great collection of tips below and see if you could apply any of them to your own business  to be a little greener…

  • Energy saving light bulbs – they may cost more at the outset but in the long term, they will use substantially less energy, which is good news for the environment and your balance sheet.
  • Motion sensors – fitting motion sensors in washrooms and hallways is a cost effective option that enables you to ensure that lights are never left on for long periods accidentally. Lights are instantly activated when a person’s motion is detected in the area and you can adjust the timer to stay on for a fixed period to suit you.

Electrical Devices

  • Timers and controls – can help you to make sure that your electrical appliances are routinely switched off when not in use. Setting timers to go off automatically when your business is closed will reduce the energy that is consumed when equipment is left on standby for long periods.
  • Energy efficiency – when purchasing new equipment opt for energy efficient models. They may have a larger price tag, but over the course of their lifespan, you will recoup this and more in energy savings.


  • Bleeding radiators – removing trapped air from your electrical radiators or heaters regularly as part of your maintenance makes sure that your heating system is working as efficiently as possible, saving you money on your bills.
  • Routine maintenance – all of your equipment and fixtures will last longer and work more efficiently providing they are properly looked after and maintained.

Hot water taps

A hot water tap costs in the region of 3 pence per day to operate and provides you with instant hot water on demand. This device could allow you to get rid of the office kettle as it is suitable for making tea and coffee straight from the tap, in a catering or office environment this could be well worth the initial expense, reducing your water wastage and bills significantly.

Green Energy

Whether you are kitting out a new business premises or making improvements to an old one it is worth considering the benefits of an investment in a green energy system. Wind turbines and solar panels are becoming cheaper and more accessible every year. The long-term savings that you could make by reducing or eliminating some of your utility bills altogether could make great financial sense for your business.


Recycling materials that would otherwise be sent to municipal landfill sites will frequently cost you less and in some circumstances may cost you nothing. By identifying materials that can be diverted and recycled successfully, you could soon make some impressive savings.

That Includes Your WEEE!

Don’t neglect to recycle your used electrical and electronic equipment responsibly when replacing or upgrading. There are bound to be businesses that you could donate your unwanted equipment to or recycling centres that will be glad to take it off your hands. This might not save you money, but good deeds make you feel good and your actions will be of benefit to the environment!

Used Goods

Sometimes it makes a great deal of sense to explore the option of used goods rather than purchasing everything new. There are plenty of excellent businesses throughout the UK that offer used or up cycled furniture and equipment. So before you buy it new, explore all of the options. A second hand filing cabinet or professionally reconditioned baling machine could save you a great deal of money compared to the outlay for a brand new equivalent.

Social Responsibility

All businesses have an effect on the environment be it positive or negative, as a business owner you therefore have a social responsibility to make their business greener. Don’t be the odd one out!

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