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It’s Not Easy Being Green!

It is not always easy being a green business. In addition to taking care of all of the usual tasks associated with running your business, it takes a great deal of consideration to genuinely adhere to your green principles whilst making a profit.

At the same time, you must make sure that your business is able to hold its own alongside the competitors within your industry in terms of the quality of your product or service!

Consumers are attracted to green businesses but when it comes down to it, money talks and they are likely to turn to non-green products and services if the price is not right for them.

But the good news is that it’s worth the extra effort. Providing you are prepared to stick at it and make it work, there is a huge potential for you to succeed. Green is not a passing buzzword; it is an ethos that is here to stay. Green, sustainable businesses are collectively making a difference by making a positive contribution both socially and environmentally.

What Makes A Business ‘Green’?

In the past businesses made great claims about their green values, based on the fact that they used some recycled materials or the odd eco friendly product, but making a credible claim to being a green business these days requires a little more effort to be taken seriously!

There is no standard definition to describe a green business. Essentially, it is a business that makes a commitment to minimising its impact on the environment and the community, within the boundaries of its operation. Sustainability is a key consideration for any authentically green business and environmentally friendly principles should ideally be applied to all business decisions.

What Are The Benefits?

Green Is Desirable – If you are in a position to offer environmentally friendly products or services as a suitable alternative to those offered by traditional businesses within your industry at a competitive price, you are likely to appeal to a wide audience with the right marketing strategy to highlight your green credentials.

The Feel Good Factor – Running a sustainable business and taking responsibility for your impact on the environment will make you feel good. Others may cut corners in order to make a bit of extra money, with no regard for the planet, but that is their path in life.

The best bit about this feel good factor is that it spreads to your customers and clients, making them feel great too. There are lots of consumers who want to feel good about their purchasing decisions and it is those lovely green consumers, who are going to be attracted to green businesses just like yours.

The Future Is Green – Building a sustainable green business and making continual improvements to the way you operate will attract more business opportunities and put you in a more stable position for the future. Consumers are voting with their feet and beginning to turn their backs on businesses who fail to take any corporate responsibility for their impact on the environment and society.

It may take a little more effort in the beginning, but green is undeniably the way forward!

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