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Save Trees, Save Money!

Did you know that we use in the region of 12.5 million tonnes of paper each year in the UK? As a nation of paper lovers, it is essential that we use and recycle this precious resource responsibly in our homes and business establishments.

Are All Types Of Paper Suitable For Recovery?

No, they are not. Those that are suitable include:

  • Shredded Paper
  • Newspaper & Magazines
  • Catalogues, Brochures & Directories
  • White Paper
  • White Envelopes

Some papers are unsuitable for recycling due to the quality of their fibres or the presence of metals or inks that would be too complex to remove.

Examples of unsuitable types of paper for recovery include:

  • Paper with a shiny or metallic surface
  • Tissue Paper
  • Contaminated Paper – paper that has been soiled with other products or food

It is estimated that approximately 15% of the paper products we use are unsuitable for recycling, so a 100% paper-recycling rate is an unrealistic goal. Thankfully, the majority of paper products can be recycled efficiently.

Paper Cannot Be Recycled Infinitely

Each time this material is recycled the quality of the grade is reduced and therefore the recycling process relies on the addition of some virgin fibres to operate. The same paper can only go through the recycling process around five times without the introduction of virgin fibres to maintain its quality.

Some paper products are produced using recovered materials only but in most instances a combination of new and previously used fibres are used.

Recycling Paper Makes A Huge Difference Environmentally

For every tonne of paper you recycle, approximately 20 trees are saved.  As a business that produces a substantial quantity of waste paper each year it is easy to appreciate what a huge difference your recycling efforts would make to the environment.

The potential is there to save a huge amount of trees from being cut down each year, by making sure that you take a green approach to the way your business handles its waste paper.

As it stands, paper recycled by businesses accounts for more than half of the paper that is recycled each year in the UK, so collectively businesses are already making a difference.

In terms of energy use, producing paper from raw virgin materials requires the use of 70% more energy compared with the energy that is required to recycle paper, so in addition to leaving more trees in the ground, recycling paper enables us to substantially reduce our carbon footprint.

You Could save Money By Becoming More Environmentally Friendly!

Many businesses that produce waste paper as a by product are able to save money by baling this valuable resource and ensuring that it is sent for recycling rather than paying to send it to landfill.

Business rates do not cover the cost of waste removal and with these costs continually rising each year it, the opportunity to reduce waste costs is an attractive proposition for any business owner.

Depending on your industry and the quantity of waste you produce, there is also a great potential for you to create an additional stream of income by collecting, baling and selling your paper waste for recovery.

Are Your Current Recycling / Waste Management Strategies in Need of An Overhaul?

Phoenix Compactors & Balers are passionate about helping business owners to improve the efficiency of their waste management systems and have the knowledge and expertise to help you to save money and become more environmentally friendly at the same time.

Get in touch with us to find out how we could help your business become greener. Wherever you are located in the UK, we would love to hear from you!

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