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How Could A Waste Compactor Benefit Your Business?

Whilst business owners are always keen to identify new ways to cut costs and boost profits, waste management systems are often an unlikely area to explore with cost cutting in mind.

The purchase or hire of a portable waste compactor can be an excellent way for many businesses to cut costs, opening the door to a variety of financial, operational and environmental benefits.

A huge variety of businesses already use commercial waste compactors to improve the efficiency of their business operation whilst reducing costs and there is every possibility that this fantastic, but frequently underrated piece of equipment could benefit your business too.

Save Space

Compacting your business waste enables you to reduce its volume by anything from 50 – 90 %, minimising the amount of space that is required for the storage and collection of your business waste. Making your waste smaller makes sense on a practical level, as you will require far less storage space in between collections.

Compacted waste is tidy and convenient and squeezing it into a smaller volume reduces the number of collections that are required to remove waste materials from your business premises.

Save Money

Fewer collections mean that any business can cut the costs associated with waste removal. For some businesses that produce a large and steady stream of waste materials, this is a great opportunity to reduce a significant business expense. Many compacted materials including paper, cardboard, plastics and metals can be sold for recycling, allowing businesses to generate a small income from their waste instead of paying a company to take it away.

Improve Sanitation & Safety

Loose waste materials can present a health and safety risk in certain situations. Depending on your industry and the type of waste produced, you could experience issues relating to unpleasant odours, vermin or spills resulting from poor containment.

Compacting is a clean solution to this problem that eliminates many of the risks that can be associated with other waste management systems.

Increase Efficiency

Commercial waste compactors are available in a variety of shapes and sizes, to suit all kinds of different businesses and applications. Compactors play a key role in the efficiency of many waste disposal systems by helping business owners to reduce the costs associated with waste removal, as well as boosting productivity and reducing their labour costs. With basic training, a commercial compactor is incredibly easy to operate and requires minimal maintenance.

Enhance Your Business Profile By Becoming Greener

Through improving your waste management strategy by compacting all of your recyclable waste and making sure that it is collected for recovery rather than disposed of in landfill your business can have a positive impact on the environment as well as enjoying all of the benefits listed above.

Managing your business waste more efficiently is a great way to step up your environmental efforts, enhancing your business profile. These days there is a greater expectation for businesses to be green and your green credentials will give you a huge advantage over other competitors who are less environmentally friendly!

We have a huge variety of both new and fully refurbished equipment available for sale or rental and would delighted to help you to reduce your current waste costs by recycling more of your business waste. For more information about waste compactors and how they could benefit your business, do get in touch with us at Phoenix Compactors & Balers.



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